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Working principle

The Seawave Slot-Cone Generator (SSG) concept

is an wave energy converter based on the wave overtopping principle utilizing a total

of three reservoirs placed on top of each other, in which the potential energy of the

incoming wave will be stored. The water captured in the reservoirs will then run through

the multi-stage turbine. Using multipl reservoirs will result in a high overall efficiency.


The SSG is built as a robust concrete structure with the turbine shaft and the gates controlling the water flow as virtually the only moving parts of the mechanical system.

The SSG concept makes use  of the innovative patent pending multi-stage turbine developed

by WAVEenergy  AS. The multi-stage turbine  has the advantage to utilize different heights of water head on a common turbine wheel.  The multi-stage technology will minimize the number of start/stop sequences on the turbine, even if only one water reservoir is suppling water to the turbine , resulting in a high degree of utilization.


To download a standalone version of the SSG animation, press here


Animation illustrate the working principle of the SSG concept





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